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Prayer Requests

What If God
If life seems Hard, Unfair,Unreasonable and you don't know where to turn, then turn to Jesus and stop by and let us know what God has done for you.
We hope this gospel tract will be a blessing and encouragement to you. If so, please give us a call or come and visit with us.

What if God didn't love you and me and Had not given his son to come to this earth and be despised and rejected of men and finally killed, because he wanted men to do the right thing that is to live according to the word of God, if not this world would have nothing to look forward to but fiery place called Hell, but because he loved you and I he Gave his only begotten son (John 3v.16). He has given us great and precious promises. To the sick he is Lord that provides healing (Exodus 15v.26). To those that are in bondage, he shall set the oppressed free (Isaiah 58v.6). To the Troubled (Job 22v.21) Acquaint thyself with the Lord and be at peace (Job 22v .21) The Lord will bless his people.

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